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Construction Of Soldier Piles Of 24 Inch Dia, 53ft Deep For Excavation Support System And Installation Of 180 Nos Tie Back Soil Anchors (2007).


Al-Qadir Group

Rizwan Mirza Consulting Engineers


Construction Of 24 Inch Dia, 40 Ft Deep RCC Soldiers Piles For Earth Retaining 140 Nos Rose Center, Saddar, Rawalpindi (2005-2006)



Rose Group


Construction Of Soldier Piles 24inch Dia, 53ft Deep, Excavation Of Earth Up To 38 Ft Depth, Installation Of Anchors (Tie-backs) 284 Nos Of 60 Kips Capacity.



Al-Qadir Group


Construction Of Shoring Piles 24 Inch Dia, 96 Ft Deep, Excavation Of Earth Up To 60 Ft Depth, 398 Nos , Installation Of Anchors (Tie-Backs)  1160 Nos Of 75 Kips Capacity IT Tower, Lahore


Urban Developers / NESPAK


Construction Of 36 Inch & 30 Inch Dia  162 Nos Of Piles Shoring Piles For PTET Mauve Area G-9, Islamabad


PTET / Naqvi & Siddiqui


Construction Of  piles 30” Dia  40 Nos At  Nadra Office




Construction Of Piles 24 Inch Dia, 50 Ft Depth 4” Dia, 150 Nos, Rania Mall, Rawalpindi




Construction Of RCC Shoring Piles 365 Nos Anchors; Shot Crete & Excavation Works Of EOBI Hotel & Mix Used Development Lahore.


PRIMACO / AAA Partnership (Pvt) Ltd


Construction Of Piles 1 Meter Dia Depth In Rocks, Concrete Gabion Including Fill Qty 2800 Cum In Secant Piles, Muzaffarabad




Construction Of Piles Drilling, Pouring, Boring And Caging Of RCC Piles 24”dia, 67feet Depth, 39 No Of Piles At  Amanah Mall, Lahore


Amanah Mall, Lahore


Construction Of Piles Drilling, Boring For RCC Piles Of 24” Dia Meter 16 Nos Of Piles 61 Feet Depth, At Liberty Mall, Lahore


Liberty Mall, Lahore


Construction Of Piles Drilling, Louring For RCC Piles Of Dia Meter 24” 77 Feet Depth, 110 Nos Of Piles At Xinhua Mall, Lahore


Xinhua Mall, Lahore

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