Foundation Pilling

Foundation Pilling

Various types of Foundation jobs can be carried out such as Bored Piles,Barrettes,CFA Piles,Pressure Injected Steel Micropiles,Concrete Micropiles,Soilcement Columns,Wick Drains,Vibroreplacement,Dynamic Compaction,Vibrofloatation,Jetgrout Composite Piles etc.

The Company specializes in Bored piles or cast in place cylindrical piles excavated either by use of rotary equipment operated augers buckets,under static drilling fluid or large drill bit (for hard rock) with reverse circulation, with chisel grab and casing oscillator for bouldery ground, with large diameter dth hammers and compressed air (drilled piles), among others.

Most common large diameter bored piles, are installed through an overburden of cohesive or cohesion less soil strata, with or without water table, down to firmer ground, to achieve the design bearing capacity by skin friction, base bearing or both, to serve as foundation piles for residential, commercial, institutionalbuildings, industrial complexes or infrastructures.

Bored piles installed in common soil with the presence of water table or gravels, generally require the use of temporary steel casing and a drilling fluid, bentonite mud as static suspension to provide support to the surrounding soil while excavating the pile and until complete backfill of the pile excavation with concrete by tremie method, in order to prevent cave-in of the excavation and destabilizing the surrounding soil formation.

The most common diameters of bored piles range from 0.6 meter to 2.0 m meters, likewise length can range from few meter to sixty or more meters,depending upon design loads and soil bored piles can be heavily reinforced if required by design, rebarn cages usually are prefabricated in segments with length and weight depending upon available commercial lengths of rebars and available lifting equipment.

Splicing of rebar cages can be done by lap splice, welded lap splice or mechanical threaded couplers. Casting is done by pouring concrete with the design strength and slump as required, through watertight segmental tremie pipes, starting from the pile bottom and letting the tremie pipe bottom end remain at least 3 meters submerged in concrete until the completion of pouring, to guarantee the pile continuity and the final good quality if the concrete cast.

Deepwell Corporation was incorporated in 1972 after acquiring all Plants, Equipment and stores of the U.S. Firm M/s Harold T.Smith which winded up its drilling business in Pakistan. Since its inception Deepwell has been continuously updating and replenishing its equipment and services to meet the modern demands of the industry through Research and Development.

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