Deep Excavation Support Systems

Contigious / Secant Piles

Contiguous walls are mainly used for holding back soil so an area can be excavated. They are constructed with small spaces between adjacent piles where the size of this space is determined by the nature and condition of the soil. Secant pile walls are an innovative way to build retaining walls.

They are formed by a series of interlocking drilled shafts and are used primarily where there is a high water table or unsuitable ground conditions. Secant pile walls are attractive near buildings, roads, and other sensitive structures because of the lack of noise and vibration during construction. Secant walls can be used to form a continuous watertight wall - an added benefit on environmental projects.  Secant piling is used to build concrete retaining walls often utilised for basement construction and flood defences.

There are various different methods including hard/soft secant piling and hard/firm secant piling. Eco Foundations generally only install hard/hard secant walls as this method is the only truly waterproof system available. Others are only a compromise and will not achieve the level of waterproofing or get as close to the party wall as the hard/hard secant piling method can.


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