Pile Load Tests

Pile Load Tests

Pile Load Testing is usually done in two (2) stages, first stage testing to verify design assumptions and achievable design load, is done before starting the execution of the working piles: test piles are installed in the proposed construction area, as per design, and tested, first for integrity and continuity by P.I.T. (Pile Integrity Test) then for load bearing capacity , either by static load test or by Dynamic Load Test PDA, (Pile Dynamic Analysis).

At times the designer might require a pull-out test and a lateral load test. Once the design pile capacity has been confirmed, bored piles construction for the working piles starts and quality control is then done on representative piles. Quality control consists of testing the material used for the bored piles, i.e. Reinforcing bars and concrete, then testing of the piles at random with PIT and PDA, and predetermined piles with static pile load test. Predetermine piles can also be tested using the ross-hole ultrasonic test, by inserting instruments through vertical pipes installed within the Reinforcing steel cage all throughout the bored pile length.

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